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Koncept Hotel Liebelei in Vienna near Schönbrunn Castle

We’re redefining hotel!

Do you need a night porter on reception reading the newspaper? We don’t! We need carbon-neutral products, a fair treatment of the world around us and the best room for you to boot! Koncept Hotels doesn’t bother with a lot of things others decide are important for you – we offer you exactly what you want: To be part of the place for the duration of your visit.

About us
Koncept Hotels - digital. fair. local.

» We strive to offer tech-savvy, mindful travellers the most contemporary & efficient hotel experience in town. «



Koncept Hotels - digital.fair.local.

Make it your experience

Polish your karma!

We believe that everyone of us can contribute to make the world a little bit brighter. That’s why you are not only supporting us with your stay at Koncept Hotels but also a bunch of awesome projects and good ideas.

When staying with us, you won’t get body lotions and hair conditioner in small ecologically harmful packaging smelling like grandpa’s after shave. In our bathrooms, you’ll find sustainably produced, organic shower gels and shampoo by STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME and the world’s coolest toilet paper: Our friends at Goldeimer support projects giving people access to sanitary installations worldwide.

We also want you to remember your stay with us and the good you did with it. That’s why we gift all our guests our cool laundry bags, which are produced from sustainably grown cotton, designed by local artists and printed by people with disabilities.

Take your laundry bag along your future travels & show everybody how easy it is to do something for a more inclusive society!

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Take it easy!

When we founded Koncept Hotels, we decided to focus on things that are important to mindful travellers like you and us – and not to invest in things, you don’t really need on your journey.

As we strive to offer you the most contemporary hotel experience, you will find features in your Koncept Hotel which you are used to from home & your last Airbnb experience – or which you always wanted to try out.

You will use your smartphone to check in, use it as your room key and also to get in touch with us via the messenger app of your choice to get the best tips for fancy restaurants or the last drink of the night. Although our zampanos are not on property in your hotel, they are just a short message away.

And if you decide to spend the day in your comfy bed, you’ll be able to enjoy the most stable and fastest free hotel WiFi in town and stream your favorite shows via Apple TV or Chromecast on the television in your room.

We hope you will enjoy our idea of a comfortable & digital hotel!

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Koncept Hotels - digital.fair.local.

Get out of here!

Our hotels are simply meant to be a place where guests sleep at night – but rather a part of their neighbourhood and will weave you together with the destination and its history during your visit.

That’s why we like to think local: Your rooms are designed by local artists, the furniture did not get here from far away and your hosts, our zampanos, know their hometown inside out.

Although we don’t have any staff on property, we can provide you with the best tips to enjoy our homes in the most authentic and direct way. You don’t fancy restaurants full of tourists, mainstream clubs with High Street prices and bars no local would ever set foot in? No problem! We’ll get you places we love ourselves.

And the best part about it: Your Koncept Hotel is located in the heart of the destination and ways are never far!

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Koncept Hotels - digital.fair.local.

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