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Do you need a night porter on reception reading the newspaper? We don’t! We need carbon-neutral products, fair treatment of the world around us and the best room for you to boot! Koncept Hotels doesn’t bother with a lot of things others decide are important for you – we offer you exactly what you want: To be part of the place for the duration of your visit.

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» We don’t stick our guests in bog-standard rooms – we invite friends over and you can sense that. «



Koncept Hotels

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Polish your karma!

We don’t provide you with small individually-packaged body lotions and conditioner that are bad for the environment and smell like your granddad’s aftershave.

Your soap is made from nature’s treasures, harvested and processed by a small natural cosmetics company in Austria. The all-natural feel-good soap from Cristal is manufactured by small mountain farms – by hand and entirely carbon-neutral. The soap is perfect for hand and body care.

In the showers you will find organic and sustainably produced shower gels and shampoos from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME. The Stop Water shower gel is manufactured in Germany and purely plant based!

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You’re doing good business with us!

That’s why, at our hotel, you’ll only find toilet paper that makes the world a better place. So much better, in fact, that our toilets turn waste into gold. With our friends at Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe, you are supporting sanitation projects worldwide every time you use the toilet. Because 2.3 billion people still have no access to sanitation – that’s why Koncept Hotels supports this project through our toilet paper.

Holy shit!

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What remains!

Hopefully you will go home feeling happy and inspired – and with a mountain of dirty washing.

And that washing should travel in the world’s coolest laundry bag. The printing on your laundry bag – made from sustainably grown cotton – was carried out by people with disabilities in an integrative workshop. It is important to us to provide these people with a meaningful task.

Therefore you can and should take your laundry bag home and always take it with you on your travels.

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Built for you by local people

This promise is kept by the small trade businesses from the region that restored our hotel. We set great store by short distances and supporting the local economy – at fair wages!

Koncept Hotels integrates the neighbourhood and makes a conscious decision not to repress the local history, but to respect it.

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