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Colourful Cologne - between Südstadt & Altstadt

Koncept Hotel International

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Cologne has always been colorful, cosmopolitan and multicultural. At Koncept Hotel International we continue this tradition and invite you to the most authentic Cologne experience in the city!

One thing is certain: before you there were others who went in and out here where our hotel is today. Perhaps the Romans who founded our city almost 2000 years ago were the first immis. That’s what some Cologneers call the other Cologneers, who weren’t always Cologneers.

Then Merovingians, Greeks, Italians, French, Turks, Croats and even people from Düsseldorf came to our beautiful city. And if you ask them today where they come from, most say: From Kölle am Rhing.

Not just at the carnival, where all the differences are eliminated at the latest at the third Kölsch, but actually every day: Our city is a place where people from all over the world get along well.

This is our secret recipe and is what makes Cologne so special. And you will feel it at the Koncept Hotel International!

Koncept Hotel International in Köln


Ever since 2017, you have been able to check in and check out contactlessly in our hotels. Doing so, you can conveniently open your room and all doors in the hotel using your smartphone. We have also adjusted to the new situation: Your bed linen is cleaned to the highest hygienic standards and of course we disinfect all surfaces several times a day.

During your stay you get in contact with as few other people as possible. We are still available for you around the clock.

We hope that you not only feel comfortable with us, but also feel safe with us!


Your room at the Koncept Hotel International in Cologne is as unique as you are.

It is colorful and tells stories of those who are not from here – just like you. And yet they now feel at home in Cologne and for the duration of your stay that shouldn’t be any different with you.

In your room in Cologne you are right in the middle and where the Cologne soul lives: between Vringsveedel and the old town, the Rhine and Barbarossaplatz.

Let yourself drift through the streets of our city, discover with us a Cologne that remains closed to many others. Get lost in the urban jungle or feel safe in the small oases that Cologne has to offer everywhere. Nothing is strange here for a long time!


Now let’s be honest: Cologne, that is above all the Veedel. But how awesome would it be to see the cathedral from your bed? Pretty awesome, we think. That’s why you can do just that in our LARGE rooms.

  • From 28 square meters
  • Free-standing king-size double bed (180cm) with cathedral view
  • Large bathroom with spacious shower
  • Luxury bathtub for relaxing
  • Desk for all busy people
  • Closet & spacious closet space
  • Flatscreen HD TV with Chromecast
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi


You want to make our hotel your home for a few days? Then our Medium Extra rooms are just the right choice! Relax, work, get creative and conquer the city – from here you can take off.

  • From 28 square meters
  • King-size double bed (180cm) or twin beds (2 x 90cm)
  • Spacious bathroom with a spacious shower
  • Desk for all hardworking
  • Cloakroom & spacious closet space
  • Flat screen HD TV with Chromecast
  • Free high-speed WiFi


Everything you need during your stay in Cologne can be found in our medium rooms. The bright and friendly ambience leaves you plenty of room for inspiration & relaxation!

  • From 20 square meters
  • King-size double bed (180cm) or twin beds (2 x 90cm)
  • Spacious bathroom with a spacious shower
  • Cloakroom & spacious closet space
  • Flat screen HD TV with Chromecast
  • Free high-speed WiFi


All in or nothing! Since sharing a room with strangers is not a recipe for success at the moment, we only offer our cosy Social Club rooms as a whole. Whether you are travelling with your family or want to spend the Cologne nights with friends, our 4-bed rooms are the ideal place for hours in the horizontal!

  • 4-bed room from 20 square meters
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Own locker for your valuables
  • High-speed WiFi



When Fredy first came to Cologne 20 years ago, he found a city that was not only a place for carnival, Kölsch and Klüngel. He found a city that also had room for his culture.

That’s why he stayed and now invites you to get to know South American Cologne.

Fredy’s Cologne
Host Fredy for the Koncept Hotel International


When the sun shines from your heart as much as Liza does, you don’t need an umbrella. Let her take you to her favourite places in Cologne – with sunshine guaranteed!

Liza's Cologne
Hotel patron Liza for the Koncept Hotel International


Do you fancy a Cologne off the beaten track? Denise will take you to her home district of Nippes, from where you can enjoy a wonderful meal in the direction of the city centre. Or you can just stay there because it’s so beautiful!

Denise’s Cologne
Koncept Hotel International in Köln


When Marian has guests over, he likes to take them to the places where Cologne always dresses up in a special way. And afterwards they sometimes go for a small Kölsch beer in a brewery. Are you coming?

Marian’s Cologne
Hotel patron Marian for the Koncept Hotel International


Have you ever been to the Schäl Sick? Even if we Cologne residents call it the wrong side of the Rhine, neighbourhoods like Mülheim, Deutz and Kalk have a lot to offer. Gülten and Jajou know that too, because for them it’s clear that the Schäl Sick is actually the right side of the Rhine.

Gülten’s & Jajou’s Cologne
Hotel patrons Gülten & Jajou for the Koncept Hotel International


If anyone knows where to get the best food and drinks in Cologne, it’s Davide. The trained gastronome also reveals a few of his favourite places, where you can understand why Cologne is sometimes called the northernmost city in Italy.

Davide’s Cologne
Hotel patron Davide for the Koncept Hotel International
Koncept Hotel International in Köln


No worries, there is most likely someone who has been asking it before. But you are right: Some things are different in our hotel. You check-in via smartphone or at our terminal, there is no staff on property and all of this to make the world a bit better?!

Just have a look at our FAQ page and you will see that it’s all quite simple and you surely will love it!

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